Bag Battles: Givenchy Alligator vs. Fendi Alligator

It seems like every season, more and more exotics are available, many of them at the extreme end of the price continuum. For fall 2015, two of our favorite bags are going to be available in very similar shades of blue alligator: the Givenchy Antigona Bag and Fendi small 3Jours Tote.

The Antigona is the “small” version of the bag, which means that both designs are very similar sizes and structures, in addition to their similar colors and materials in this form. The prices, while both astronomical compared to their leather versions, are significantly different: the Givenchy version is $29,900, while the Fendi is $34,000.

While the difference likely doesn’t matter to someone spending $30k on a purse in the first place, the $5,000 difference will put you well on the way toward a Birkin, as long as you’re a plebe and will accept a regular leather version. (In case someone’s keeping a list: I am and I will.)

So, dear readers, tell us: which of these bags would you buy with an imaginary $34,000? (Note: I’m not going to confiscate your imaginary $5,100 if you go with the Givenchy, in case that sways your decision calculus.)

Givenchy Antigona Alligator Bag
$29,900 via Saks

Fendi small 3Jours Alligator Tote
$34,000 via Saks

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