Chloe’s spring 2019 Bags double Down on the Brand’s new C logo Hardware

I believe there are as well numerous Cs. By the time this short article gets published, Chanel‘s show will have already occurred in Paris, as well as between that, last week’s Céline show, as well as this Chloé show, I’ve looked at as well much C-shaped hardware to relocation forward. The brands requirement to suggest among themselves as well as chooses who gets to keep the C. I’m guessing Chanel will win, as well as they should. But, truthfully, I don’t care who eventually gets ownership of the C-shaped hardware closure for flap bags. I just want to see less of it.

In Chloé’s otherwise strong show, there were tons of silver, gold, or enamel Cs dotting bags little as well as large, a continuation from the brand’s resort 2019 collection. The application on these bags was somewhat better, however a logo’s function is to be distinctive, as well as this utilize of the letter is anything but. That’s not completely Chloé’s fault, however it’s Chloé’s reality, as well as the omnipresence of the logo hardware felt like an aesthetic crutch for a collection of bags that was otherwise not all that interesting. There was a great deal of tan.

The high points came when Chloé diverted from the tan-colored C-bags. A fantastic green-to-orange gradient made one of the show’s many omnipresent shapes feel much fresher, as well as there were new versions of the Chloé Tess Bag, which looked elaborate as well as comprehensive when compared to the show’s much more typical pieces. There was also, delightfully, a reappearance of an old preferred that hasn’t seen the runway in years: the Marcie, redone in croc (croc-stamped?) leather, a welcome blast from the past. inspect out all the bags below.

[Photos through vogue Runway]

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