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In this publish I will be evaluating the Bottega Veneta Olimpia bag in the nero color (a.k.a black) as well as in the little size. Bottega Veneta is one of those downplayed high-end brands that makes elaborate woven leather bags in their nappa leather (which is lambskin). I have always had a Bottega Veneta bag on my desire listing nevertheless it has never been at the top of my desire listing (trendy it bags tend to top my listing on a turning yearly basis). In other words it’s a brand I’ve had my eye on for a long time nevertheless never truly seriously pursued … that is up until now. I bought a replica version of the little Olimpia Bag since I needed a new daily bag that I can rapidly get as well as go to run errands. What I absolutely like about the brand Bottega Veneta as a whole is that they do not have their logo plastered around their products. In truth they explicitly have a slogan that states,  “When your own initials are enough.” This is rather a refreshing point of view on high-end products thinking about the present hot pattern is logo-mania as you may have discovered when browsing social media.

When I was debating whether to go authentic vs. replica for this bag I came across a thread on handbag Forum where numerous women discussed that the resale of Bottega Veneta bags decrease considerably (40-60%) from their retail sticker cost on the second hand market. furthermore I checked out some criticism about the structure of the bag as well as leather not holding up well over time. The original retail cost of the bag in the actual Bottega Veneta shop is $2,900 USD. now if I’m paying that much for a bag I’d expect it hold up for rather a while, as well as so I was naturally swayed towards selecting a replica instead of an authentic version. The bag came packaged in a dustbag as well as had plastic wrapped around its hardware. It did not include a box.

The replica version of the bag is a quite great replica. The authentic counterpart of the bag is compromised of 80% lambskin as well as 20% brass (the hardware). The chains on the replica bag are good as well as heavy as well as made from genuine brass as well as not some plastic-y counterpart you’d expect on a fake. The silver hardware has a matte surface which adds a awesome touch to the bag. The leather is likewise buttery smooth lambskin. If you’ve ever come across a Chanel Jumbo in lambskin you’ll have an concept as to exactly how soft lambskin can be. now this softness is not without detriment – the leather is much much more quickly scratched than much more rough leathers (e.g. caviar leather). The leather on this Bottega Veneta bag is particularly soft as well as buttery, as well as I would state it scratches even simpler than a Chanel bag in labmskin (you can even see some scratches in the photos below).

Of program as I have discussed various times the leather on a replica bag is one of the essential signs of the high quality of the bag. If the leather as well as hardware of the replica bag is on point then the possibilities are the rest of the bag ought to be great to go as well. one more essential point to pay interest to when analyzing the accuracy of a replica bag is in the interior of the bag. frequently producers get sloppy as well as make errors on the interior where it is less noticeable. fortunately this Olimpia bag is just also done on the inside of the bag. like the original the interior was lined with a good beige suede leather that is made from authentic leather as well. Also the interior of the bag is split into two compartments as well as fitted with a useful zip pocket.

I am general extremely amazed with the replica version of the Bottega Veneta Olimpia bag I received, as well as am pleased I went with a replica over an authentic in the situation of this specific design thinking about the defects numerous authentic purchasers have noted as having with the original version of the bag. What do you believe of my Olimpia bag? let me understand in the comments below as I’d like to hear!


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