LOUIS VUITTON BABYLONE PM MAHINA leather replica evaluation

okay so it is time for me to officially share my preferred as well as most stunning replica Louis Vuitton bag purchase this month. As you all may already understand I previously shared that I kinda went all out on LV bags this month as well as I have saved the very best for last in terms of evaluations – what is it? It is the Louis Vuitton Babylone PM in Mahina leather. I have always been a fan of the Mahina leather however last time I tried to purchase a Selene replica (totally like that design too) however the leather was method as well excessively plastic-y as well as the bag was totally off, as well as left me feeling like a contend faker bring it. So surely sufficient that bag barely saw any type of light of day as well as I dropped it off to a thrift store about 2 years ago, as well as that was the end of that.

Ever since then I have always believed that Mahina leather was something replica sellers would never perfect as well as I would just be stuck dropping money on an authentic one from a Louis Vuitton boutique. The Babylone PM costs a quite cent at the LV store coming in at $4,100.00 USD. back when I was totally into buying authentics I would usually do a bag two times a year – one for my birthday as well as one for Christmas. With costs such as this you can totally comprehend why! Anyways when I very first saw the Babylone PM on Counterlux I was like OMG I have to have it. however then memories of the Selene crept back to me as well as I realized perhaps this bag is just as well great to be true – even though the photos on the site showcased the depth of the leather quite well. After emailing back as well as forth with the site’s client service I decided to take the plunge as well as order this design (unfortunately DD did not have this in their catalog which is where I got my other LV bags this month from). Why do I like the Mahina leather series so much? Well I believe it is so sophisticated, attempt I state even more so than the canvas series since the LV logo is not as prominent as well as so much more subtle!

The bag took about two weeks to show up to my apartment, as well as when I opened up the parcel I was in overall disbelief as well as beyond happy in exactly how great replicas have become! I mean if you might see as well as feel the leather of this bag in person you would be in awe as well. I have taken some pictures of the bag as well as done my finest to try as well as showcase the high quality below! As far as replica Louis Vuitton bags, as well as replica bags in general go this bag is a 10/10 when you take into consideration whatever including the hardware, leather etc. These are the type of replica bags that get returned to the shops as well as dupe sales associates! Take a look at my pics (although note my camera went weird triggering different looking shades in some pics) as well as let me understand what you believe in the comments

This is where my camera went a bit weird as well as makes the bag look a different shade, however you get a great photo of the leather suppleness

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