Can you spot the replica bag ideal off the bat? Or does it take a moment or two for you to see it?

CELINE is absolutely one of the hottest handbag brands ideal now, and I cannot say that the obsession has passed by me personally. This handbag review will compare an authentic Celine nano bag (in the orange) to the replica Celine nano bag in the black.

The interior identifies of both handbags. Some nanos (even authentic) have the imprinted identify while some have the identify with the colored labelling. The cam was a bit dark when I was photographing the identify of my replica bag so it is a bit tough to see but the identify is done exactly the same as the authentic Celine in terms of font size and the “Made in Italy” writing.

The zippers of both handbags are visualized up close here. The authentic Celine nano had a lot more of a gold colored zipper while the black Celine nano was a lot more a a lot more brassy gold. As you can see the zippers are identical, and if anything the work on the replica handbag’s zipper looks a bit a lot more clean compared to the edges of the authentic orange Celine nano’s zipper edges.

The back of both handbags are shown here and as you can see there is no difference. Both bags are essentially identical when you take a glance at the back with every in-depth stitch showing to be well done on both.

Under each Celine nano handbag is also essentially identical. There is no difference to note here in any way when it pertains to real vs. fake.

The zippers of the Nano bags are also nearly identical except for the actual writing of the word CELINE. On the authentic orange CELINE nano you can see the word is written upwards, while on the replica bag the words are written downwards. however font wise and in terms of the general look the bags are both the same. I could not find any other CELINE nano handbags to compare the writing with so I am not sure if the replica latch is completely incorrect or based on a different (older) design of the handles.

The interior of both of the handbags are visualized here. The authentic handbag has a smooth leather interior while the replica Celine bag has a suede interior. once again I am not sure if the smooth interior is the conventional for all Celine luggage nanos so feel complimentary to comment if you have an authentic nano with a suede/smooth leather interior.

The logo stamp on the front of both nanos (authentic and replica) are identical. The font and sizes are both equivalent as you can see so there is no giveaway here!

Above you can see visualized the original ad on Fashionphile for the authentic orange Celine nano which I need to admit is to die for (I am a CELINE fanatic!). however when you consider the price difference between the used authentic ($2,150 for the used bag) and replica bag ($359 USD) it seems that the replica makers really have this design down to the tee! The crucial difference that I would note is the handles on the replica bag seem a bit bigger but not enough to really notice in person. I hope this guide is valuable for either a replica buyer seeking to get a copy of the Celine nano handbag (so they know how to purchase a top quality bag) as well as any individual seeking to get an authentic and wanting to make sure they don’t get duped into paying the authentic price identify for a knockoff Celine!  Feel complimentary to comment below and let me know whether you’d go authentic or fake for this Celine nano bag!

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