It’s True. Celebrities Do lose Weight Easier Than the rest of Us.






On much more than one occasion, Jessica Alba has dropped baby weight like magic. and other celebs like Beyonce, JLO and Blake Lively have been equally successful at slimming down, post-baby. What their secret? read these celebrity weight loss tips to find out.

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Celebrity Weight Loss Tips

Jessica Alba

After losing her baby weight, Jessica Alba attributed her success to drinking liters of water, sticking to a high-protein diet, and doing cardio plus circuit training. With her clear success, I’d say that Jessica’s Alba’s workout routine, diet, and tips for staying on track are worth the look!  

Courtney Kardashian

Kardashian lost 44 pounds of baby weight in six months with a change in her diet and exercise routine. She worked out three or four days weekly and switched up the routine frequently to avoid plateaus. Kardashian also swapped out the conventional breakfast-lunch-dinner schedule for several smaller meals throughout the day to keep her metabolism fired up.


Jennifer Lopez reportedly gained 50 pounds while pregnant with her twins. She dropped the weight through a combination of intense workouts and eating a handful of smaller meals each day.

Bethenny Frankel

Frankel was famously photographed wearing a size 4 bikini just three weeks after her daughter was born. She cites healthful eating habits and yoga during pregnancy as her keys to success.

Sarah-Jane Bedwell

Sarah-Jane is Self Magazine’s local nutritionist, and she offers daily blog posts, tweets, and articles about eating well, losing weight, and — of course — exercising. Her guidance is free, and if you follow her Twitter feed you’ll receive daily tips on diet, workouts, eating right, and sticking to your resolutions! find her feed here: eat Like Me.

And Chrissy Teigen Keeps it Real

You gotta love Chrissy for being real. In an interview on The Today Show, Teigen tells us what we’ve been suspecting all along: that celebs have it way easier when it comes to weight loss. They have nutritionists and fitness trainers who’re paid to keep that celeb tracking toward her weight loss goals.

What does this imply for us regular people? Most of the time, going back to the basics is the best route. find a fitness regimen you enjoy, and enlist a pal to do it with you. Don’t shop for groceries when you’re hungry, throw away the junk food in the pantry, and keep healthy snacks on hand at all times. drink loads of water.

You might also enlist some tech to help. here are some popular weight loss apps in the AppStore.

BetterMe Weight Loss Workouts
Fitness Workout by GetFit
Lose It! Calorie Counter

Share your favorite weight loss strategies in the comments!

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