Fendi Peekaboo Roll Bag

yesterday when we were speaking about the skunk fur monstrosity that Fendi has selected to perpetrate on the fashion world at large, a number of commenters mentioned that the bag itself may be cute, if it weren’t for the formerly stinky dead animal hanging precipitously from it. I applaud those commenters for trying to look beyond the obvious awfulness.

And as luck would have it, Fendi saw in shape to make a non-skunkified version for our significantly increased viewing pleasure, as well as as it turns out, the Fendi Peekaboo Roll Bag is not almost as terrible as its hairy predecessor.

As it turns out, when you eliminate the fur, the bag is completely fine. It’s not dazzling, however it has the kind of blank-canvas charm that means Fendi might turn it into a thousand different things, just like they did with their biggest success, the Baguette. I don’t believe that this specific handbag will get likewise introduced into the fashion stratosphere, however they’ll most likely discover some relatively entertaining methods to decorate it, just like they did with the Peekaboo Satchel.

It’s non-offensive, the shape subscribes to one of the prevailing patterns of the moment, as well as they might do some decent things with it, if they so chose. appears like I’ve discovered a Fendi bag about which I don’t have a lot of hater-y things to say. Surprising. buy with Saks for $1460.

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