What headwear for winter?

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I am lazy to write you an intro, so right here we start by listing all the hats you might put on your charming head.

I/ Listing of existing headwear

1/ The beanie

A classic.

Love it as it brings a great vibe to any type of outfit at any type of age.

You can select it oversized or completely fitted, low on the forehead or pushed back behind the hair… to each their own!

Weather basic, sporty or sophisticated, in a neutral or in a flash color, there is one for you… well assuming you like beanies.

Lovely Jenny Walton with a smurf like beanie worn low on the forehead as well as high above

2/ The béret

I kept the french accent aigu since this hat is our national treasure.

And yes not just Emily wears it in Paris, I do too. As lots of others of my fellow Parisians.

You wear it your way, low on the forehead or pushed behind the hair, straight or sideways.

Adds a retro vibe to a contemporary outfit as well as completes a vintage one.

Lovely parisian by Léna Farl

3/ The paper kid cap

Called gavroche in France, this near good friend of the beret can often be a captain hat when adorned with a ribbon.

Throw it on top of any type of basic outfit to take it next level.

Cute Dolores, with her quircky outfit

So chic on Franfynne

4/ “Real” hats 

What’s a lot more classy?

Whether a fedora or a capeline those will make you look like a dandy.

But you shall be able to pull them out! own the hat, don’t let the hat own you.

Alluring woman spotted by @parisiensinParis

Trop rouge knows exactly how to wear hats 

5/ Headwrap

Make your own out of a scarf or go for a ready made one.

So Chanel…

African style headwrap on Franfynne

6/ The cap

I love incorporating those in fancy outfits. however you do you.

Cap à la saint germain des prés (spotted by parisiensinparis)

Very Diana! (spotted by parisiensinParis)

7/ The bucket hat

Another street hat that’s making a comeback currently.

Think of it as a cute bell hat like in the 1930! You might wear a waterproof one to fight the rain.

Queen of fashionable great mood Sophie Fontanel

8/ The hood 

Whether tied to your coat or living an independent life, the hood can either radiate a street vibe or a “princess fleeing in the woods” one.

Very “just got out of a fashion show” captured by Camille Bata

Yes undoubtedly that’s a great to climb the Sainte Geneviève mountain in Paris

9/ Earmuff

Was debating with myself whether to include those, however did.

So they are reported missing considering that golden blogging age ca 2013.

Yet if you do have one as well as like it, please wear it as well as be different from the crowd.

Not sure if flattering with a facemask though. Oh well.

10/ The chapka

Another early 2010 forgotten headpiece. Looks very remarkable so if you can as well as want to pull it out, please do.

On Betty Autier, long long ago

Very cold, very chic

11/ The headscarf

Not really warm, the headscarf can be tied in lots of manners as the headwrap mentioned earlier.

Love the seventies way!

Always inspiring Jane Aldrige

II/ Coordinate your headwear to your outfit

As always there is an choice to either match or clash in terms of color as well as style.

1/ The color flash

To be stylish in wintertime without overloading your closet, I recommend to play with accessories.

A bright hat works as a pop of colour with an otherwise neutral shaded outfit.

Black as well as beige plaid topped by a minty eco-friendly beanie (spotted by parisiensinParis)

2/ Shades of a color

Mildly contrasted outfit on Patz hunter with the beanie nearly matching the pants

3/ Colours association

Pair the color of the hat with one more one in the outfit.

Here pink as well as yellow on Linda V Wright

4/ The printed hat

Always a great concept to add a print into an otherwise plain outfit.

Like this very gentlewoman farmer look starring a plaid paperboy hat over a trench photographed by parisiensinParis

Voilà I hope I inspired you!


For a lot more style recommendations as well as inspiration I recommend my books gown like a Parisian as well as Why french women wear vintage   (that have been proofread by a appropriate English expert person of course).

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