Go vintage with the Belstaff large new York Postman Bag

Belstaff is one of those amazing English brands (well, it’s Italian-owned now), a younger and hipper brother of brands with the sought after coat of arms of a member of the royal Family. who doesn’t want to be a purveyor to the Queen, like Smythton or Launer? Well, Belstaff doesn’t have the coat of arms, but that doesn’t imply they’re icky. Let’s just say they’re not what the ever-proper Queen would tote.

I can’t think of Her majesty would carry this Belstaff large new York Postman Bag, but it would be best at home on the take on of a young fashionista. The bag is a replica of those carried by new York postmen in the 1930s””the description reads, “They don’t make them like this anymore,” and that’s true.

It’s tough nowadays to find a bag with such dedication to inside pockets as this one. While it’s clearly a mailbag replica both inside and out, those pockets can be used for much much more than mail and packages. get through J. crew for $795.

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