Help Me figure out Why I like the Alexander Wang Jena hold So much

against maybe my better judgment, I really like the Alexander Wang Jena Laser-Cut leather Clutch. and I mean, I like, really like it. The shape is a bit odd and I usually stay away from oddly shaped bags. Don’t ask me why, it’s just what I do. Yet, this clutch, this adorable, edgy and versatile hold has captured my attention and I’ve not been able to get out of its hold since.

The envelope hold is brown laser-cut ridged leather. While I’ve been a fan of envelope clutches for a while now, this one is special and sticks out in comparison to others. I always give points to uniqueness. As you can see, there is two silver-tone zip fastenings at the front, a fold-over flap with a magnetic and zip fastening under the flap. I think the thing I like the most about this hold is that it can be paired with a casual outfit just as well as slightly a lot more fancy outfit. and there’s always something appealing about a handbag that you a lot of likely won’t see the person next to you carrying. But, what do you think – what are the pros/cons to this clutch? get through Net-a-Porter for $525.

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