Antik Batik small Swing Bag

having been on vacation for the last week, I did what I always like to do while on vacation abroad. That is, gather fashion inspiration from wherever I may have gone. and this time, the things I noticed in Prague were: tons of tourists wearing unoriginal touristy garb, lots of worn, vintage-looking dresses, flat gladiator sandals, and cotton tee-shirts and scarves with cotton fringe and plastic beads on the end. and surprisingly, I noticed a lot of bags with beading too-both plastic, metal, and crystal.

So that’s why I wanted to write about this Antik Batik small Swing Bag. It reminds me of two of the things I noticed in Prague: it’s got the vintage look without seeming old, and it has intense patches of rhinestone beading. another thing that got me with this bag is the size. I thought it was a big bag based on the design, but it’s actually quite small, which was totally unexpected. I love when designers switch that up on us. It also has the ability to be a crossbody with the attachable strap, which is always a plus. and finally, the flap is completely unique- while flapped messengers are hot for fall, I have yet to see one with tapered edges as this Antik Batik. buy through Shopbop for $345.

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