Meet The summer 2016 Interns!

Every season, Brynn accepts interns to join her team to learn and get hands-on experience with different aspects of the fashion industry. This season, Brynn selected four interns through a multi-step interview process. Tia, Mallory, Sarah, and me, Taylor, were lucky enough to be selected to additionally their knowledge and experience to development us with our occupation goals.

Tia Harvey: Merchandising intern

Tia will be a senior at Western Michigan University, and she is majoring in fashion Merchandising and design with an emphasis in design and development, as well as a minor in Marketing. Tia is apart of MODA, which is the fashion club at Western Michigan. In the future, Tia would like to work for a magazine as a stylist/writer or help design for a company preferably in womenswear. Tia has learned a lot from interning with Brynn including a lot more about e-commerce and what products to put on a website. This includes creating methods to drive rapid growth. Tia’s favorite part about interning for Brynn is working the events and talking with people about Brynn’s products, Tia also loved working the photo shoot. What Tia will take away from this internship is knowing a lot more about what it takes to run an independent service like organizing inventory, e-commerce strategizing/selling, and working directly with boutiques to sell Brynn Capella handbags. Tia is from Manchester, MI and in her spare time she likes to hang with friends and enjoys outdoor activities like biking, hiking, and kayaking.

Sarah Vocke: design intern

Sarah is going to be a senior at Michigan state University, majoring in apparel and textile Design, minoring in entrepreneurship. Sarah is apart of fashion design student association as well as an alumni of Zeta Tau Alpha. Sarah’s occupation goals are to find a job with a company that she believes in and can grow within the company. Sarah loves how involved she gets to be with her internship at Brynn Capella Inc. She is learning hands on, and is getting experience within design and service that a lot of people don’t get when they intern for a company. Sarah is going to take away the experience of production and how crazy it is no matter the size of the company. Sarah is from battle Creek, MI. She loves exploring and new experiences! Being in Chicago for the summer has been so much fun because she gets to try new things. Sarah also loves being outdoors and being around friends and family.


Taylor Dagon: lifestyle marketing intern

Taylor is going to be a junior at The university of Wisconsin- Oshkosh and is majoring in Journalism with an emphasis in Public Relations and Advertising. Taylor is apart of the university of Wisconsin – Oshkosh Women’s Basketball team as well as SAAC     (student athletic advisory committee). Taylor’s future occupation goals are to work in the fashion or enjoyment industry in a marketing role. Taylor’s favorite part of interning for Brynn Capella inc. is getting to actually be hands on and learn every step that goes into running your own company and creating a brand.  Taylor learns something new everyday and she loves all the knowledge she is getting to better herself for her future. Taylor will take away a lot from Brynn, including the value of details and checking your work, also running social media for a company is a lot more than just tweeting and IG here, it’s about strategizing and speaking to your audience. Taylor is from Apple Valley, MN. In her complimentary time she loves to listen to music, go to concerts, shop, be around friends and family, workout, and travel.

 Mallory Keesling: design intern

Mallory in going to be a junior at the university of Missouri majoring in textile and apparel management with a minor in business. Mallory is a part of the golden Girls, which is the university of Missouri dance Team. Mallory is also apart of Gamma Phi Beta. Mallory hopes to work for a major company as a designer and then split off and start her own brand. She loves that her internship gives her the opportunity to be hands on and that she gets to see every side of the design process. Mallory has learned a lot about handbags, which is something she wasn’t too familiar with prior to her internship. She has also learned about contractors and what goes into the process of production. She is taking away a lot from the internship, it has made her realize there is a lot of hard work that goes into design and owning your own business. Mallory is from Kearney, MO. In Mallory’s spare time, she likes to hangout with friends, eat pizza and explore new restaurants, go on adventures, travel, shop, and go to concerts and festivals.

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