The Louis Vuitton Girolata bag is named after a coastal town on an Island close to France as well as Italy, as well as I can certainly see why as the bag embodies the spirit of warm weather condition as well as everybody a person can like about summer. I really bought the bag during the summertime of 2018, as well as never got around to having the time to evaluation it up until now! The bag is available in both Damier Azur, as well as Mahina leather.

I bought the bag in the color Galet. The original cost of the bag on the official Louis Vuitton site is $3,650 USD. I got it for about 1/8th of that cost as a replica. The bag was bought from LM, which is a new site I stumbled upon that focuses on Louis Vuitton replica bags.

My very first Mahina leather replica bag was bought about 6 years back from a seller who is thankfully no longer in business. What came in the mail was a plastic-y piece of junk with horrible, inaccurate perforations, as well as I essentially threw the bag in the back of my closet. I ultimately ended up contributing it to charity. So ya – I have been there as well as done that when it concerns getting burned when buying a replica bag.

I essentially composed off any type of replica bags that purported to be Mahina leather after that up until two years back when I chose to take the plunge as well as purchase a Louis Vuitton Babylone replica bag which [turned out to be] absolutely spectacular as well as blew me away in terms of accuracy (you can checked out the evaluation here). After I got that bag I understood that replica producers had truly stepped up their game when it concerned Mahina leather replicas. This past summertime I chose to possibility it once again as well as get a Girolata which was a recently released LV bag model.

The bag shown up as well as it is a beautiful replica! I have to state that the new Mahina replicas by trusted replica sellers are most likely a few of the most well duplicated bags I have seen in practically any type of brand, as well as extremely suggest them as a very first purchase because you will not be disappointed! nevertheless keep in mind there is a caveat that the seller is essential since if you purchase from a sketchy seller you will end up with either possibly: a) no bag, or b) a plastic-y piece of junk. So here’s all the details of my evaluation of the bag:

Leather Quality:

The Mahina perforated leather is amazing. You can see it in the photos, as well as you can feel it in person. The leather on this bag is a ideal match when you compare it to the original. In truth I’d even go as so far as to state it may even be much better than the high quality of the traditional LV canvases, which as all of us understand are extremely well duplicated nowadays! On Mahina bags one additional thing you have to pay interest to is the high quality of the perforation. If it is a poorly made bag the perforation pattern may be off, or the perforations may not be complete enough, nevertheless that is not the situation with the bag I got which is essentially perfect!

Hardware Quality:

The hardware on the original bag is silver colored metallic pieces. The replica bag has the exact same hardware, as well as the hardware is of a good weight (as I commonly state you can truly feel the high quality of the hardware when you get a replica bag as photos can be deceiving sometimes). The logo is stamped on the hardware at the best locations on the clasp.

Stitching Quality:

This is the always essential metric that you can utilize to judge any type of replica bag, whether it be Louis Vuitton or Chanel, as well as is commonly the simplest method to judge exactly how great of a replica bag you got (other than the leather of course). The stitching is done completely throughout the bag, as well as there are no sloppy spots!

Interior of Bag:

The interior of the bag is made of a lovely suede leather as well as there is even a “Louis Vuitton” embossed on the bottom of the bag just like the original! There is likewise a removable pouch that came as well as is put in the interior.

The bottom Line:

The bag is beautiful. There are no down points for me to mention, nevertheless the only gripe I did have with the bag was that the drawstring adjuster was “stuck” to one side of the leather strips as well as when I moved the adjuster it triggered a bit of a scratch on the strip which you can see in the pictures.

Overall nevertheless I am in like with this bag as well as understand it will go along with me on any type of summertime trips, as it is one of the very best possible summertime bags one might ask for, in my humble viewpoint at least. What do you believe of the bag? let me understand in the comments below!

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