Kate in Burberry and Fjällräven for Bandy Hockey in Sweden

The Duchess wore a coat by a British designer and a sweater from a Swedish company for the first engagement of the royal tour of Sweden.

The day began with a check out to Vasaparken, an outdoor ice-skating venue in the center of Stockholm. Kate and William watched a game of bandy hockey, played with a ball instead of a puck and also played a little themselves.

More from Robert Jobson’s story in The Evening Standard:

Wearing a Burberry coat and a sweater by Swedish designer Fjallraven, she and William first drank an alcohol-free tipple from a flask brought in a bandy portfolj – a briefcase that traditionally contains a flask of warm wine or coffee laced with alcohol.

And from The Telegraph:

After being told of the rudiments of the game, they then took to the ice in shoes via a red carpet.

Prince William took the first shot and it was saved before scoring twice. His wife, who is five months pregnant, missed two shots wide of the goal.

A quick video from Richard Palmer of The Express.

The Duchess during the hockey match.  

Kate and William speaking with some of the players.

Now to what Kate wore, beginning with her Burberry coat.

The coat is a double-breasted style with traditional Burberry’s trench details like buckled epaulets and cuffs. net a Porter describes it as “made from plush shearling, this design is cut for a loose fit,” which makes sense for Kate.

The coat is still available in very limited sizes at Westgate London ($2798.10). Many thanks to HeavenQRF for her speedy ID of the coat and to Kate J on the Facebook page for helping me sort out the differences between this coat and another Burberry style.  

Kate’s sweater is by Fjàllräven, a Swedish firm that specializes in outdoor apparel, accessories, and equipment. Kate’s sweater appears to be the Ôvik style in 100% wool, done in a traditional Nordic pattern.

Here’s a closer look at the cuff pattern. 

The sweater is available on the Övik US site ($150), as well as Amazon. multiple thanks to those IDing the sweater, including Irish Sara and Emma4Royal.

The Duchess wore a new pair of Sorel boots, called the Torino style in the US ($130) and the Tivoli II/III style in parts of Europe as well as the US (shown here at Sorel). I’m still sorting this out and have emailed Sorel to be sure the styles are the same. See update below. The boot is suede and leather on Sorel’s rubber sole, with a removable microfleece lining. A tip of the Tiara to HeavenQRF for another terrific ID.  

UPDATE: I have heard back from Sorel, and they say Kate’s boot is the Tivoli III.  

Michelle of Perth’s fashion located what looks like Kate’s hat, a design by Eugenia Kim. UPDATED: After a little more discussion and with thanks to Victoria Murphy of The daily Mirror and Middleton Maven, Kate’s hat is more likely this Eugenia Kim style, the rain with Faux Fur Beanie style ($275). It is 100% wool, while the first hat is a wool/rayon/nylon blend; it seems more likely to me Kate would be wearing fake fur as opposed to the real deal. 

 Michelle also found Kate’s gloves, a John Lewis pair in black suede (we show them in brown). It doesn’t look like these are still available.

Royal Norway suggested that Kate could be wearing the Brora fine cable Snood in ‘bordeaux’ and I think she is probably right. The cable knit design is on sale for £89 on the Brora site. 

We also saw Kate’s Asprey earrings.

Here is one of Susan Courter’s fab collages showing what Kate wore for her first engagement in Sweden.


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