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My Silhouette, courtesy of Nume, arrived about a week ago. before I opened the box, I took a peek at the official info plus the reviews on Nume’s website. If you saw my Nume curling wand review, you understand I have problem hair. It’s fine, thin as well as frail, as well as I spend a great amount of time trying to handle that.

So when I see a evaluation about hair products or styling tools, I’m instantly skeptical. as well as even though I love the Nume wand, I had the exact same reaction this time. Yeah, the Silhouette sounds life-changing on paper, for sure.  The straightener retails for $139 as well as has earned a 4.8-star score based on 2,172 reviews. It’s made with floating ceramic plates, which warm quick as well as have a slippery high quality to them so your hair slides with quickly without catching. unfavorable ion innovation seals in moisture as well as minimizes frizz — a should for most of us this summer! The straightener likewise has beveled edges — as well as you can utilize those rounded edges for curling as well (although to be honest, I haven’t tried it).

Nume Silhouette Review

That’s the official word on the Silhouette. My take? I have utilized it twice so far as well as the results have been kind of amazing. Soft, straight, silky hair that’s vastly less frizzy at the end of the day versus a easy blow-dry. note that I online in St. Louis, where it’s been about 95 degrees with 75 percent humidity. perhaps I’ve been in a cave, however I’ve never utilized any styling product or tool that delivers results that last all day with that kind of weather.

Note that I haven’t tried the straightener without the Argan oil — as well as I don’t believe I will. Argan oil delivers near-magic rejuvenation to my hair as well as I’m using it everyday for that reason.

Lastly, I’ll state the Silhouette is simple to use. I applied a touch of Argan oil, sectioned my hair as well as glided the Silhouette over each 2-inch piece just once. just like that, straight as well as smooth hair all day.

Before I began straightening with the Silhouette, my hair was strike dried, however weird as well as wavy. I clipped up the top half as well as got to work.

One section at a time, I ran the straightener over my hair.

It didn’t take extremely long to straighten all of my hair – less than 10 minutes.

Here’s a look at my hair the exact same day, however 12 hours later. Still straight as well as shiny!

I utilized the Silhouette once again the other day, in the morning this time. I wanted to see if the straight, smooth style would last with a hot, humid day.

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